Best Oils For Anxiety

t The top 10 essential oils for anxiety have been compiled into a list which you can find within this article for you. Beyond just a list of these essential oils, you will also find a description explaining a brief introduction to each one of the top 10 essential oils for anxiety. The point of this article is to open your mind to natural alternatives that help aid in the treatment of anxiety and depression. With a combination of prescription drugs and psychotherapy from a psychiatrist not working for many people, they’re turning to natural remedies and alternatives. For this reason, more and more people today than ever before are typing into their browser the search for the top 10 essential oils for anxiety.


Lavender is quite possibly the most widely used essential oil of them all. From baby products, all the way to perfumes, colognes and all types of adult products lavender is a friend for many. This essential oil is known to be a powerful stress and anxiety reducer for both humans and animals. Many different shampoos, soaps, and lotions contain lavender for this reason. The medicinal compounds of linalyl acetate and linalool are rich in lavender oil and have the medicinal properties of helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Medically lavender oil is said to help balance neurotransmitter levels. In return, this is said to help reduce stress and anxiety by counteracting over-excitement of nerve cells.

CBD Oil , CBD Vape and CBD gummies all from Cannabis Plants

Cannabis and oil from Cannabis plant is one of the most undervalued plants with people often focusing on the “high” element of this and it is associated with gangs and shady elements of our society, there are oncourse many uses of cannabis from CBD isolate powder UK to CBD oils and vapes. Of course, this does happen s well but cannabis has unique medical properties that a lot of people are still in the dark about. Everything from pain relief to anxiety disorders. Cannabis has become such a taboo that some users are growing their own Cannabis plants from Cannabis Seeds (that operate legally!).

Anyone can learn  effectively to from a concentrated form of cannabis plants and cannabis oil, which are extensively used to make some of the best CBD Gummies UK.

You can also buy it in liquid format and is, therefore, able to be used in a variety of dishes and consumed as a vape, making CBD vape one of the largest CBD markets in UK with dedicated places selling specific CBD vape pens with the correct SVG PVG ratios, giving the taste of cannabis without any THC from disposable CBD pens in UK. To the best of our knowledge CBD vape oil is not illegal in UK.

German Chamomile

German Chamomile is a natural alternative that is helping many people with anxiety. It is considered to be a quintessential calming herb. While chamomile has been used for several thousand years to help calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety German Chamomile is known to be one of the most potent and effective. Known to help promote healthy intestinal function chamomile is an essential oil that works to reduce stress and anxiety while healing and relaxing your intestines. Chamomile oil can be applied directly to the belly button or solar plexus to help it reach the intestines easily. It can also be digested allowing did you reap the healing benefits from the inside out.

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil which many people enjoy on salads, sandwiches, and in other recipes is also a powerful anxiety-reducing herb when in the essential oil form. A study conducted at Hainan Medical University on essential oils showed basil to be one of the most powerful essential oils when it came to reducing stress and anxiety. With Sweet Basil having a very fragrant and pleasing aroma and taste it makes it very easy to consume.

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy basil is a very powerful essential oil. It is part of the ancient Indian system of medicine and one of the most revered herbs in existence. Holy basil also goes by the name of Ayurveda which some people call jatamansi. Holy basil essential oil is more than a powerful relaxing and calming tool that helps fight off anxiety it also helps to rejuvenate and restore energy levels to the mind, body, and soul.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm and the essential oil produced from it has been utilized medicinally for more than a millennia helping to reduce anxiety, improve sleep disorders, induce a calm state of being, and to help alleviate stress.  Oil produced from lemon balm also has a sedative effect. In several studies, lemon balm has proven to have significant value as an anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication. One of these studies suggests that people take 300 milligrams of lemon balm extract over a course of 15 days daily in order to help improve anxiety disorders.


Valerian is known to help increase Gaba levels just like Jatamansi. By increasing the levels of Gaba neurotransmitters throughout the body and brain this essential oil helps combat anxiety, stress, and depression in many ways. Nerve cells seem to react in a positive manner to the supplement of Gaba provided from Valerian.  As more research is done conducting thorough tests on valerian root extract and the essential oil produced from valerian this amazing natural substance is showing great promise in the treatment of anxiety.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage flavours cannabis plants and essential oil produces a beautiful fragrance that is enjoyed by many. This fragrance helps to produce a calming effect that melts away stress and anxiety. Much like it’s cousin lavender, Clary Sage is rich in the medicinal compounds linalyl acetate and linalool.  Both of these medicinal compounds are shown to reduce stress and anxiety. In research conducted on clinical rats dopamine levels in the body and brain were positively affected by these medicinal compounds as well.


Vetiver which is known as the oil of tranquility throughout India and Sri Lanka this essential oil is highly sought-after for its ability to help the central nervous system and reduce anxiety. The traditional Chinese pharmacopeia revered vetiver essential oil for its ability to harmonize the emotions. Vetiver was shown in a recent study to relieve inflammation of the nervous system which plays a vital role in our emotional state and mental health according to studies published in the Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies.


Jasmine is a sweet fragrance many of us enjoy. Jasmine is known to increase Gaba levels by up to five times compared to traditional medication such as Valium. Jasmine is not new to medicine. It has been utilized for centuries by many different cultures. The essential oil from Jasmine has properties that help to alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, stress, and low energy. A study published in the Natural Product Communications show that Jasmine essential oil helps to improve the emotional state, energy, and mood levels of individuals when used as a topical application on the skin over a period of 8 weeks.